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Brand Story

A Choice Born from Two-Way Dedication

Dream come true

The founder and a Border Collie named Rain crossed paths during the early days of the pandemic. The emotional helplessness and life anxieties brought about by the crisis prompted the founder to reignite her childhood dream - to raise an adorable dog. Thus, she arrived at a kennel.

Our Trip

The founder gained a new understanding of her relationship with Rain and a new perspective on pet ownership. She believes that the relationship between humans and pets is not simply about providing care, but rather a mutual understanding and a healing and companionship between both parties. The love that dogs give to humans is the unconditional acceptance we have always been seeking. The founder embarked on a self-driving journey with Rain, traveling through many places, experiencing different landscapes, accompanying each other through peaks and valleys, and building a deep emotional connection.

Get Inspired

They also met many friends who share a love for dogs along the way. At the same time, she discovered that some dog owners faced the same challenge as her: not being able to find the desired dog products. The dog products on the market varied in quality, with well-made ones lacking desirable designs, and aesthetically pleasing options falling short in terms of quality. Additionally, the attention to product details and human touch was often overlooked.

Create a brand

By a fortunate coincidence, the founder decided to create a pet product brand that combines quality and aesthetics, while also considering user-friendliness and practicality. She wanted to help more dog owners with similar needs to find products that they and their dogs would love. She hoped to provide more satisfying choices for pet owners like herself who value the quality, materials, and designs of pet products. She also aimed to offer high-quality, comfortable, and durable dog products to more dogs, accompanying them through a happy and fulfilling life.

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